Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Pie

The kids call pumpkins "pumpkin pie" for some reason. No one is really sure why, but no matter how many times we tell them it is simple called a pumpkin, they reply with "Pumpkin Pie" in a very loud, happy voice. 

While we were driving to town the other day, Avery said that there were pumpkin pies EVERYWHERE! They kept seeing them on porch steps and in front of stores. So, we drove out to the produce stand near Columbia Falls and bought each child a pumpkin pie. They are now displayed on our own porch steps awaiting carving. Well, that is, if we ever get around to it. They look quite pretty as they are, so I don't think I'll mind terribly if we don't carve out their insides. 

I am making this beef stew for dinner, and since I haven't eaten anything for breakfast I am feeling quite hungry as I mentally think of what I need to take out of the refrigerator. I have used this recipe before, and it is delicious. I don't put the orange peel in though because I thought it was a little too overpowering. It's really yummy without it anyway. 

School is going so well lately. I cannot believe how much I am enjoying it. I am doing exceptionally well in all of my classes and am in awe that the semester is half over already! I can't wait to see what classes I'll be taking next semester. 

I know a while back I mentioned that we were potty training, but we stopped. I am horribly inconsistent when it comes to this particular task and have been really lazy about it. But, after this weekend, I decided I will now do exactly what everyone says not to do and FORCE MY CHILDREN TO BE POTTY TRAINED. I do not care if it takes two months, they now wear panties in the daytime and are learning that they are supposed to use the damn potty. You may wonder what has caused such an extreme reaction to this. Well, let me tell you: 


And that is all I have to say on that subject.


Lacy said...

Wow...I'm pretty sure our kids have been secretly talking to each other on the phone while we aren't looking! Last night Sophie was jumping and dancing around the living room and all the sudden there is poop everywhere! I don't know how it happened, but she had wiggled her diaper open on one side and it was all spilling out the bottom of her yoga pants! And of course because she was jumping and dancing around the room she stepped on it and ground it into the rug...yuck!

Sophie is obsessed with pumpkins as well...she calls them punkies! :)

I miss you guys!

Kristen said...

Oh my! (The things I have to look forward to...)

So glad school is going well! I knew you'd do great! :)

Sandra said...

Pumpkin Pie! That is adorable!

The poop..not so adorable. :(

aola said...

Lord have mercy on your soul (and your carpet) I am sooooo glad those days are behind me!!

Cara said...

eww..........gross........ vermin children...........

my cats use their box at least.

one out of box incident means they are sick and it's time to go to the vet.

but......they aren't nearly as cute and don't give a fig about pumkins! :(