Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Today the twins climbed up into the recliner together to snack on their cheese sticks. It was so cute that I had to take a picture of it! They just sat and chilled with each other while they watched Yo Gabba Gabba. I love that they still have a special bond with each other. I had hoped that as twins they always would, but wasn't sure if that would happen since they are boy/girl twins. But, they definitely love each other and it's fun to watch them grow up.

I also had to post a recent picture of CeCe. She was sitting at the table with her blankey eating her cheese stick. She always gives me the best smiles for pictures! 
I love it. They're getting so big so quickly! 

And for the big news of the day: Avery has peed on the potty TWICE! She was so mad the first time I sat her on it, but when she realized she had peed and I was giving her two Skittles as a reward, she was thrilled. So the next time she had to go, she told me and then went and sat down on her own. I am beyond proud of her. I know that this doesn't mean she is fully potty trained, but I feel like she is finally getting it. I cannot wait to have one done! I hope that she will encourage the others to follow suit. They definitely want candy when she gets it, so I am hoping that that is motivation as well!


Kristen said...

They are such dolls! Nice work, Avery!

Cara said...

They look wonderful.

Candy IS dandy..........who knew?

Sandra said...

Look how adorable they are!!! They are growing growing growing!! My goodness!

Way to go on the potty training. :)