Friday, May 30, 2008

Opening Night!

Things have been crazy the last couple of weeks, hence the absence of blogging. Crazy, yet not a whole lot to write about. Although, I should add that I have finally caught up on some of my housework (our bedroom floor is now visible!) so I feel quite accomplished. When we have nice weather, we spend every free second outside working on our many projects, and the house quickly goes downhill. It feels like it's taking weeks just to get basic chores done!

Anyway, I am a huge Sex and the City fan. I didn't watch it when it was new, I have only watched re-runs, but I think I've seen them all. So you can only imagine how excited I am for the movie to be coming out tonight! Well, maybe you can't imagine, in which case I will let you know that my excitement level is around a 10. I go to the theater to see a movie around once a year, basically only when there is something I'm really excited about. Although, it's usually something my husband is really excited about, because I would normally rather wait to just watch it in the comfort of my own home. Plus, SO much cheaper!

Tonight, however, I am going with a friend and a few of her friends to see it. We are going to get all dressed up, see the movie, and go grab a drink afterwards. Probably dirty vodka martinis, which I have come to adore. Needless to say, I cannot WAIT!

On a completely different note, I have decided to buy a scale. I know, totally random, but let me explain. I have read over and over that you should not base your health/how-in-shape you are by the reading on your bathroom scale. Thus, I have been waiting for my clothes to fit again. Well, to at least fit a little better. However, it's not happening. In fact, quite the opposite is happening. I seem to be getting further from my goal, based on how my clothing is fitting. I don't have a clue how much I weigh, but I will be finding out, because I intend to buy a scale today when I go to Target during the kids' therapy. It seems that when I don't know how much weight I'm gaining, I think I'm not gaining any at all, when I fact I am quite frightened to know how many pounds I've put on. So there you have it- I will be giving in, trying a different route to get back into shape. On the plus side, I have been getting in some good home workouts as well as cooking mostly healthy meals for us.

On that note, I have completely quit cooking my kids different meals from what I cook for us. When they first started eating table food, I was so concerned about how tiny they were that I would make as many meals as necessary to get them to eat something. Macaroni, chicken nuggets, fish sticks - whatever it took, I would do it so that they would eat. I didn't worry about it all that much, considering they love their vegetables more than any of that stuff, but still - I always wanted to fill them up with something else since vegetables aren't all that filling. I have recently realized, though, that I have bred very picky eaters. So about 6 weeks ago, give or take, I just stopped. I make our meals, let them eat, (or not eat) whatever they want of it, and then they can be done. If they're hungry, I figure they'll just eat more at the next meal. Which, so far, has worked MARVELOUSLY. Seriously, SO SO MUCH STRESS has now been removed from my life. Mealtimes have always been the WORST part of my day, and now I just ignore all those silly obsessive feelings and feel happy that by the time they're three they should be fairly adventurous eaters.

One last note: I know this is a completely 180 degree turn from being healthy, but I have to share it. This blog has some seriously good home cooking! You may have read her before, but I hadn't until recently and love her recipes. If I want to cook something that goes totally against my new healthy eating rules, I check her first. She may use way to much butter for my good, but it's worth it every once in a while!


Kristen said...

Kelli, I've missed ya! :) Hope you have so much fun at the SATC movie--I'm trying to figure out if I want to go or not. The fashion is so fun...I'm not sure if I can help it!

Very wise on the kids meals, I think. And I've heard that measuring tape can give you a decent idea of how you're doing in the health/weight department.

Becky said...

I love SATC, too. it was my show forever. i wish i was going with you.

aola said...

Your night out sounds like a lot of fun - the dirty martinis especially since I don't care for SATC.

Good for you on the kids eating habits. I tell mine if they don't like what I fix they can eat peanut butter.

cv said...

I got so drunk on dirty martinis my first outing with the Enron girls (i had no clue what they were like) that even typing it makes me wanna hurl...............

"You'll eat what I make or you won't eat!" now THAT's a mom!

Half butter and half extra virgin olive oil, and you can do no sin.

Kristen said...

Hey, I wanna hear how the movie was! :) Did you have a fantastic time?

Sandra said...

I hope you had fun. I never got into satc, but have heard from several that I should rent the seasons.

I love Pioneer Woman. :)

Way to go on the dinner situation.
Erin has what we have or a pb sandwich.