Thursday, March 20, 2008

We did something stupid.

We brought home a dog from the Animal Shelter. I know, I realized how crazy that is. Three children under 2 and a half, and a DOG? Well, the fact that I am sitting on our couch crying my eyes out is a testament to how stupid that decision was.

You see, ever so often I look at the Flathead County Animal Shelter web site to see what kind of dogs are currently in there. Most of the time it's a bunch of big, ugly black lab mixed breeds that look mean. However, they are very overloaded with dogs lately, and have had a lot of different kinds of dogs. I saw that they had a one year old purebread golden retriever, and seeing as how we always had golden's growing up and I absolutely love them, we decided to go take a look at her. When we got to the shelter, we found out that someone had already adopted her, so we went to look at the other dogs instead. We came across a small English Spinger Spaniel/Border Collie mix. She was so cute and sad looking we decided to take her out in the yard to see what we thought of her. To make a long story short, we brought her home. She was fine the first night, and then the next day.

Today was a whole different story. We went to town, and she barked the whole time we were in town. She went nuts in the back of the suburban. My kids were crabby and screaming, the dog was going nuts, and I felt like screaming or barking myself.

She really is a sweet little dog. We call her Zoe, and she's very good in the house, good with the kids, etc. But she is a little high strung, and I am not sure I can handle more craziness in an already crazy house.

So, we are now dog owners, but I'm not quite sure how long it's gonna last.


Becky said...

oh, kelli.
we have a high strung dog, too. we made a huge mistake when she was little by not bringing her on trips and around people because she was such a mess.

maybe if you can keep taking her places she'll settle down. at least you have a reason to watch the dog whisperer. ..

Kristen said...

Give her some time and watch the Dog Whisperer. :) You can do it!

Kelli said...

What is the Dog Whisperer??

aola said...

oh, my, gosh.. you don't know who the Dog Whisperer is?? Kelli!

He's like a god at our house. We watch his shows, we've got his book.

His methods work.