Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter weekend fencing project

Last night we went to town to look at fencing, compare prices, etc. We decided to take the dog again, but this time we let her sit in the middle seat with Cece instead of tying her up in the very back like I had earlier. This goes against every rule I have concerning dog owning, but oh well. It worked, she was lovely the entire trip. Apparently she doesn't like being tied up. I now could care less, as long as I don't have to have a dog bark at me for 3 hours.

We are going to put up a fence this weekend, for our yard. Well, to be more specific, Carl is putting up a fence, I will be inside attempting to keep the kids and dog tame on a Saturday when he should be inside doing it instead. But seeing as how my fencing abilities are probably not the greatest, this is how it will have to be. Maybe I'll bundle all the kids up and just let them run wild with the dog. We'll see how long it is before our neighbors complain about the little visitor they will inevitably have!

I'll show pictures of how it turns out. I'm excited, because after we have some boundaries for our yard, we will be able to landscape a little bit. At least figure out where to put some grass for the kids to play in this summer. Can't wait!

I hope everyone has a very happy Easter! We are having my parents over for Marmalade Glazed ham, sauteed leek scalloped potatoes, roast asparagus and homemade rolls. Plus 1-2-3-4 Lemon cake for dessert. On Saturday Elyssa is coming over to stay with us, and color eggs with the kids. I am going to put together little baskets for the three kids, with a little chocolate bunny, a few jelly beans, a coloring book with a mini packet of crayons for Cade and Ave's and a new book for each. They'll love them!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Kristen said...

Your Easter sounds really nice! And I'll bet having grass and a fence area are going to be great.

Kelli said...

I hope it's nice. I'm sure it will be if I can control my anal tendencies about everything being perfect!

I can't WAIT to have grass and a fence to keep the kids/dog in!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Sounds like you're keeping yourselves busy as always. Sounds like a wonderful Easter brunch you have planned! Happy Easter!

aola said...

Your menu sounds yummy!