Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here is our Cece today with her pigtails.
She's very happy today, all four of her new
top teeth have come in so the pain seems
to have subsided. She cracks me up with
her hair like this!

I had to post one picture of my Mom's new
puppy, Izzy. Isn't she adorable?! The kids
had so much fun with her this weekend!

Also, I have been looking into my classes I need to finish my english degree and get my teaching certificate, as well as applying for grants. We were really hoping that we would be eligible for something, so that I wouldn't have to take out too much in loans. I just found out that the amount we qualified for in grants should completely take care of my schooling! I am so excited! This is so much better than I had hoped for! If things work the way I think they will, I should be able to take a few summer classes, and then go full time in the fall. God is so good!


Kristen said...

Awesome news!

Becky said...

We're in the same situation with Nate. Makes me so happy to live in America! Congrats.

And I would love to munch that child's cheeks!

E. Michelle said...

congratulations, so exciting!