Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We are officially potty training

Avery, as of last week. She has been doing so well! She uses the potty at least once everyday, sometimes more. I actually caught Caden today right before he pooped, and sat him on the potty seat, and he went on the potty! He was so proud of himself, it was so cute. I don't know if he'll start being more aware of bodily functions now or not, but I am really hoping so. Until now, he has never shown any interest as of yet.

Caden has now had two appointments with his Occupational Therapist, Rita. She did a full evaluation, but we won't find out the results until this Friday. She checked out his fine motor skills, which he has never been great with, and decided that he is right on track with no delays! This is so awesome, because when he was six months old they told us that he didn't use his right arm properly and probably never would. They had said he would always have trouble with fine motor, so it was surprising to hear her give me such a great report! He still definitely uses his left hand more, but that is probably due to being left handed. He had his first appointment with a speech therapist last Friday as well, and that one went really great too. Lori, the ST, said that he was about a year behind (so around a 12 month level) which means he qualifies for therapy, but she also was very encouraging about what speech he does have. She said she doesn't think there is really anything "wrong", only that he needs a little help. So he will be seeing her on Fridays from now on, in addition to Leslie, his PT, and Rita the OT. They all agree on the fact that all of Caden's behavioral problems are most likely just that, behavioral. The tantrums are probably the result of not being able to communicate, being a little delayed in his large motor skills, and being two years old. So that is really good news! Hopefully with a little therapy, he will overcome each of these issues.

So the job hunt may be over for the time being. I haven't had much luck so far. Each place I applied wants me to be available more time than I can be, which isn't really possible. This is actually a good thing, because I think that I would have been jumping into something prematurely. I get so stir-crazy at times, that being anywhere other than my house seems pretty appealing. My plan has been to start taking classes in either the spring or summer, and I am not going to work and go to school. There just isn't enough of me to spread myself out that much! So if I am patient for now, I'll have school before long. One thing I really didn't want to do was end up with a job, and then put off going to school. I am afraid with me being the procrastinator that I am, I would put it off until one day I realize that I'm now 40 and never finished school. This wouldn't matter if it wasn't something I really want, but it is, so I am going to continue with our original plan and hopefully be taking at least few classes by summer at the latest. I am also going to go try out a hot yoga class at this studio between Kalispell and Whitefish tomorrow night. I am excited to get out for something that is good for me, mentally AND physically. I need something like that so badly! I'm also very curious what I'll think of "hot" yoga. Hopefully I don't pass out: )

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Becky said...

such good news!
sounds like you're making all the right decisions.
tell me all about hot yoga.