Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pictures of Twins' Second Birthday

As I am sure you can see, I suck at uploading pictures on this thing. I cannot for the life of me make them do what I want them to do! So here there are, in a random, haphazard order: Caden and Avery's second birthday pictures! You'll notice that most are of Avery, because Caden wouldn't hold still long enough for a decent picture.

You'll also notice the absence of clothing in a few. Avery was reduced to her diaper and new horse slippers by the end of the evening (her favorite outfit, by the way) and Caden to just a diaper. Caden had conveniently found someone's Coke sitting somewhere, and had hidden in the corner to drink it. I didn't think I had to worry too much about the amount of caffeine or sugar he had consumed, considering most of it appeared to be ON him, rather than IN him.

I decided to make homemade cupcakes for them, instead of using a boxed cake mix, which was not the brightest idea. I forgot the baking sode and the vanilla the first time (attention all mom's with under three children: stop at two! or even one! after the third, your mind is shot) so the first batch of cupcakes had a nice crater in the middle, as well as the density of a rock. So I then made a second batch, so that I completed a total of six hours baking cupcakes. I should also add that Avery only ate two bites, and Caden threw his on the floor and wouldn't touch it.

They're getting boxed cake next year.


Becky said...

Such darling kids. Avery is beautiful. Caden looks so mischievious, and I desperately want to munch Sienna's cheeks.

Box cake secret -- add crap, then you can feel all virtuous and almost homemade. I add cherry filling to chocolate cake, apples or pears to spice cake, and bits of dark chocolate to vanilla . . .

Becky said...

Oh, and you are one of The Tribe of Anne. Love finding a Tribe of Anne member.