Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Beautiful Silence

I went to the post office to pick up our mail yesterday, and found that the copy of "Raising your Spirited Child" that I had ordered from Amazon a few weeks back was finally here. I have already read the first two chapters, and it looks like this book will be a great resource for me, not just for Caden, but Avery and Sienna as well. All three of my kids are fairly intense, the girls in different ways than Caden, but still intense in their own way. The author wants parents to be able to view their child's strengths, instead of weaknesses, as well as view traits typically considered "weaknesses" as strengths. I'm anxious to read more!

It's actually interesting, because lately, since starting the evaluation process for sensory integration disorder, I have began to realize that Caden doesn't really exhibit the traits he used to that had us so worried. He still gets intensely upset if you take a toy away from him, or move him from something that he is really into, but I think that is fairly typical for a kid his age. He is eating SO much better. He used to completely refuse bread, crackers, cookies and anything else with a dry, crunchy/crackly texture. But for the last couple of weeks, he has been eating whole wheat toast with his sisters every morning. He also has been loving the whole-grain goldfish crackers I buy for the girls, and even tried a few different coookies lately. So maybe he was just going through some weird picky phase - although, broccoli is still his favorite. We eat it at LEAST five times a week, but probably closer to ten. Oh well, at least he's naturally a health-nut!

The kids are all down for a nap right now, and I am going to finish a few chores while enjoying the silence before I get ready to go try out my first hot yoga class. I have had no excercise for so long that I am a tad bit nervous about my stamina, but am also excited. The instructor I talked to at the studio said that it takes 3 or 4 classes for your body to adjust to the hot room, so I am determined to give it a few weeks before deciding on whether or not I'll continue. Either way, I am going to be out of the house alone for several hours time, which is a huge treat. Actually, I am going to talk to someone at the college about what I am interested in doing to finish my degree tomorrow night, so two nights in a row! Woo Hoo!

I'll let everyone know if this hot yoga is all it's hyped up to be tomorrow!

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Becky said...

that's funny about Caden being a health nut and liking veggies. Sam loves zucchini and spinach. He'll eat those when he won't eat anything else. Really weird.

Here's to silence.