Thursday, January 31, 2008

Birthday Fun

On Sunday night, we (Carl, Mom, Dad, brother Todd and I) went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants Pescado Blanco for my birthday. It was the first time we have ever left the kids with anyone other than my parents, and since they came along, that wasn't really a possibility. We asked two of the girls who are managers of the wrestling team at Flathead to babysit, along with Elyssa, my littlest sister. The girls are both 15, and we figured between the two of them plus E. things would be manageable.

I expected horrifying displays of sadness when we left, so I prepared myself in advance, telling myself that no matter how upset they were, we were still going to go. They would be fine, right?

So imagine my shock and disbeliefe when the girls walked in, (they've never met them before, mind you) and C and A each ran to one and wanted held. We gave instructions, kissed all kids goodbye, and walked to the door. What did those little angels do? They smiled, waved, and said "Bye bye!" gleefully. We called several times to check and make sure everything was going alright, and strangely enough, it was. Not a tear, tantrum, or fight among them.

Carl says it just goes to show I am horribly overprotective, and we could have been out enjoying ourselves for months now, had I not insisted that they were not ready to be left.

I say that it just goes to show that I knew the exact time and place they would be ready to be left with someone other than family, and in the future he would do well to always trust my motherly intuition. :)

We did have a wonderful time, it was such a treat to be out with no children, and at such a great restaurant. Good food, good wine, great evening - I'm sure my 24th year will be wonderful, with such a positive start.

Also, Carl gave me a beautiful, cobalt blue Kitchenaide Mixer for my birthday. It is so pretty! Which is good, because I am trying not to bake, being the new healthy me and all! So it is sitting on my counter, sad and lonely.

Anyone have any good, healthy recipes for desserts? Pass them along, if so! Otherwise, my mixer is going to continue to be lonely for quite some time.


Becky said...

Were they pretty? My babe is very keen on pretty girls.

Becky said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Weaver said...

Did I miss your Birthday??? I thought it was in Feb...! Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It was so good talking to you last night. Hope your mtg at FVCC went well. Glad to hear about the Hot Yoga- I'll definitely have to try that sometime. Talk to you again sometime soon.

Kelli said...

Becky- Yes, in fact, the girls WERE pretty. Funny how that helps. Also, something funny but also somewhat disturbing, (considering I allowed it) I got a Victoria's Secret catalog in the mail last week, and Caden got a hold of it and walked around with it in his hands ALL DAY LONG. No joke. He kept looking at the girls and smiling. We had no fits that day. Needless to say, I was thankful for the ridiculously perfect bimbos for the first time in my life and quite shameless about the fact that I was allowing my son to ogle them.

And Em, you're right my birthday isn't until February the 5th. But it's a Tues. and we were going to go to dinner the Sunday before, but as usual that is Super Bowl Sunday, and quite frankly I am tired of spending my birthday with pizza and appetizers. (Carl is still coaching, which is why Saturdays don't work).

Thank you both for the birthday wishes though!

Weaver said...

Haha! That's hilarious about the Victoria Secret magazine. :)
Hey, what's your new address?
Talk to you soon,

Becky said...

Sam likes Izzy on Grey's Anatomy. It's the only time he even pays attention to the TV.

RYC - I can just see Avery saying that. So funny. I laughed out loud.

Kelli said...

E- We are still using our PO Box 294 in Lakeside 59922

B- I would laugh out loud, too, if it wasn't my kid. I just couldn't. All I could think was, "She is going to say this in front of everyone I don't want her to." Yeah, that's how it works. Oh well, I'm learning how to parent as I go. By the time I have it figured out, they'll all be grown up and I'll have to share my wisdom with pregnant mothers who don't want to hear it! Sigh.

Karli said...

Happy Birthday, Kelli! I just wanted to say that I don't think you are overprotective. I think you should listen to your instincts, and it is just as important that you are ready to leave your babies as it is that they are ready. I'm so glad it went well! This will encourage you to do it again. I know I really struggle with finding the balance between not wanting to leave my babies and going out with my husband. I do think it's so important, and if you have friends and family to help, that is so much better! Babysitters are SO expensive, and then when you factor in the cost of dinner & a movie or whatever, then it can be quite a lot of $$. Landon and I will have to make a trip to Montana & if we do, I definitely want to visit you & your parents! Thanks for all your comments, by the way! Karli

Weaver said...

Hope it was a wonderful day.

Kelli said...

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!

Karli, if you guys ever come out this way, DEFINITELY let me know. We would love to see you, and meet Landon and the kids!