Thursday, December 27, 2007

Contemplating Christmas

Aaahh, Christmas. That is how I feel this year. Not a screaming "aahhh", but a calm, contented, "Aaahh". I usually feel sort of let down after Christmas. All that preparing, and it never seems to quite add up to my expectations. I always feel that I put way too much time and effort into it, and for what? Not this year, though. This year was different. First of all, I stuck to my guns regarding gift-buying. This is not easy for me. I always, (and I do mean always) go overboard. I guess I may have, somewhat, with the kids, but not with everyone else on my list. Plus, I have a solution for the bounty of gifts my children received. I plan to re-wrap a few of them for C and A's second birthday, which is coming up on the 19th. They won't know, and they have more than they need, so I feel that this is a great way to keep their birthday stress-free as well!

We spent the weekend with Carl's family in Kalispell. Since we don't have anywhere for them to stay as of now, we attempted to stay at a hotel in Kalispell with them. You'll notice I said attempted. We stayed and toughed it out until 10:00 pm, but after two hours of screaming babies, running the risk of getting everyone evicted, and the worst headache of my life, we went home. All three promptly feel asleep in the car, my headache subsided, and we had a really great Christmas. The kids had so many presents, they actually got bored with them. I know, that is pathetic, but they still seem to be miracle babies to everyone we know (especially family members) and therefore everyone still feels the need to "bless" them with toys, clothes, etc. So what followed were several days of gift-opening. Another lesson learned. One gift each for their birthdays, no more. They like the boxes and wrapping better anyway.

I suppose I should have started out with this news, not ended with it, but oh well. My mom had four scans done last week, one a day for four days, that scanned different parts of her body to check to see if the cancer had spread- and would you know it, it hasn't. Every scan came back completely clear. I almost couldn't believe it. We found out Friday, just three days before Christmas. What wonderful, good news to hear. We had all the more reason to celebrate. This year has been so full-of the good, and the bad. But definitely more good than bad. It was such a special treat to have a good report like that to be thankful for this time of year. We are all so thankful for all of the prayer, the support, encouragement, and well wishes we have received over the last month. So thank you, to all.

Oh, also, we have decided to move into our house. I know that we recently had said we weren't, but I guess that was probably what God wanted at that time because we needed to be here for the last several weeks to help out my parents. Now that that season seems to be ending, we feel free to move on to a new chapter. So, over the next few weeks we will begin the transition into our first home of our own. It will be so nice to be in something of ours, and not a rental. I am really starting to get excited about it! I feel like I am definitely ready. A new start for a new year. It has a nice ring to it.


Becky said...

Great news -- all of it. Your mom. The house. Wonderful!
Glad the kiddoes had a good Christmas. Sam was happy unwrapping the first gift, and was also overwhelmed by the rest.
I like your plan.

Karli said...

Hi Kelli, Thanks for your comments on my blog! I was so sad to hear about your Mom, but just read the news that it hasn't spread--what great news! Tell her she will be in my thoughts, and thanks for staying in touch! --Karli

Kelli said...

Becky- I was quite proud of my plan. In the past, I never would have been content to re-use gifts for my children. Well, the past being the pretend world I had before children where I would have found something like that appalling, bad parenting, etc. But in reality, I really don't even care. Quite the contrary-I'm elated that I even thought of it!

I swear that my kids are beating the perfectionism right out of me!

Karli- I have been keeping up with your blog for a while now. I used to read it regularly, but stopped any type of blogging/blog reading after the twins were born. Since the kids are getting older, I have a little time again for this.

I loved reading about Juniper's birth, and am very happy for you, Landon, and Samuel. Good to hear from you!