Friday, December 28, 2007

Snow and the New Year

We are supposed to get a big snow storm over the course of the next several days, so it should be a snowy weekend. I am actually looking somewhat forward to it; we haven't had much snow this year. At least not enough accumulation to go out and enjoy.

On Christmas Day, we bundled up all three kids and went out to play in the snow. We put Si in the Kelty pack on Carl's back, Caden walked/rolled around with Todd's dog Hank, and I pulled Avery on their new runner sled. It has this neat railing around it so that they don't fall out/off as easily. She loved it, which was so much fun, because Avery's past experiences with snow haven't been quite as successful. As we were getting them bundled to go out, and they were all screaming and squirming, I wasn't sure that we were making a very wise decision. But it ended up being a ton of fun, we all really enjoyed it.

I have really been pondering the upcoming New Year these last several days. I know that losing weight/getting in shape/being healthier is a very cliché resolution, but it will be mine (along with the rest of America). However, I have been putting a lot of thought into this. Sienna is eight months old, and it has taken me all of eight months to even think about getting back into shape, let alone actually care about it. I want to start being healthy again, kick the bad habits I have developed over the last two years of pregnancy and post-pregnancy. I feel like I am mentally preparing myself for a life-style change, which is a good thing. I don't want to start something, only to fall back into my old ways. I don't want to "diet", I want to be a healthy person, to set good examples for my children. None of this used to be an issue for me. I used to enjoy exercising, eating healthy, and feeling good because of that. For the last couple of years, the thought of any of that has simply been another burden in my life, so I haven't bothered with it.

I'll keep you updated on my progress!

So, I hope that now that my kids are getting older (hehe, like 8 months is "older") I will be able to return to a different way of living. Also that this will help my energy level. Let me add that if anyone reading this wants to point out that the level of caffeine that I consume per day may actually be taking away from my energy stores, don't bother. I will not be giving up my coffee.

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Becky said...

hope you got some snow.
no to giving up the coffee . . .