Sunday, October 21, 2007


Caden and Avery are now 21 months old. Almost two! I cannot believe that two years have gone by so quickly. People are, of course, very right when they tell you to enjoy them while they're young because it flies by. Having children is really teaching me to enjoy the moment. To appreciate each day for what it's worth, to not want that grass on the other side. My grass is plenty green enough! Anyway, Sienna is 6 months old-They all turn a month older on the 19th of each month. Fun, huh? Caden walks all the time now, with and without his brace. (He wears a brace on his right foot). His physical therapist says that once he has outgrown it he will not need a new one. We are so proud of how far he has come. Avery is starting to walk much better-she walks about half the time. Some days more than others.

It's amazing to me that they have come so far in such a short time! I remember when they were first born, people would talk to me about what it would be like when they were one, or two, or three. I would always think to myself that if they would just let me get through today, I would worry about "later" when I had some free time to do so. Well, later is here folks and I didn't really do much thinking about it at all! Although I suppose that that's just fine, considering that my thinking would have consisted of worrying, and my worrying would have done absolutely nothing for me.

We have decided not to move into our new house. I know, it's crazy to go through all that we have gone through with this house, and not even enjoy it, right? But we think it's what is best. We are intending to sell it as soon as someone wants the stupid thing, (can you tell I have a poor attitude about it?) and we think that we stand a better chance of someone wanting to live in it if it doesn't have black smudges on the walls and smell of poopy diapers. So we are staying at my parents house indefinitely. Yes, I said indefinitely. We have no idea how long it will take, but if you all pray for us and our house, hopefully not long at all. We can do it. I figure all of us living together is like iron sharpening iron, right? Is sharp iron a good thing? I'm not really sure. Maybe not when you have a houseful of people and babies at their wits end with each other. Not to mention all the screaming we daily endure. Maybe we want to be dull iron. Hmmm.

Also, we are in between churches. We are too far for us to even consider driving all the way to the church we were going to (at least if we want to arrive before everyone else is heading home!) and we have tried two others we were interested in and don't really know where we belong. The first one was a total letdown, and the second we are undecided about. We love everything there is to love about a church-worship and the message are great,and they have a nursery/sunday school for the kids so that once they are positive there are no child-eating-monsters taking care of them we could possibly sit in a church service for longer than five minutes for the first time in nearly two years. All of these are things we have been looking for. But here's the weird part-we have went three times-three times! Yet no one, not even ONE person, has introduced themselves to us. (Well, one other mother did while I was nursing Sienna, but we were sitting about 8 inches apart and it would have been horrible had she not.) But does that seem weird? It does to me. So we are wondering, without fellowship/relationship/community, how will that church stand? I understand we are there to praise/seek/worship the Lord. But at the same time, I can do that at home and not have to frantically get three babies ready to go somewhere. But the Bible says do not forsake the gathering of believers. That there is the part that I cannot get at home. Well, I can to some degree but I am starting to feel desperate for some true female companionship! Anyway, that is a not-so-short update. Somewhat of one at least. I need to go to bed and get some of the sleep that I do not get:) At least I have a snuggly baby, even when she is wide awake and eating non-stop.


Becky said...

Finding a church is so hard . . . we're back to looking again, too, and it makes me dread Sundays, which are usually one of my favorite days. It's exhausting making new relationships, and we definitely want that community and fellowhsip. I'll be praying for you.

We took Sam to the homecoming parade on Saturday, and it made me think of Cayden. Sam is so outgoing, now, and I was thinking how if they were growing up together, they could probably get in a lot of trouble.

Well, one of the cool things about staying with your parents is how well the babes will get to know their grandparents. I was just reading a book that said kids who are close with their extended family are more secure. Sigh. Something else we haven't given Sam. . .

I love that you're here in the blog world. Do you mind if I put a link to you on mine?

Kelli said...

Of course you can! I should link to your's, also.

Church finding... well, I'll be praying for you as well. It's hard. It seems like it shouldn't be, but it really is.

I read your description of you're day at the parade-how fun! I loved it. They are so much FUN the older they get, aren't they? It's funny how the things you miss about them being babies are exactly the things that they aren't anymore. Complete opposites in so many ways. I guess that's why we miss them. Our little babies are growing up! I can't believe that I have "kids" now!