Friday, October 19, 2007


Today, I am so tired I feel like my eyelids are cemented shut. One day, Sienna will sleep. I had thought that that one day would have come and gone, but it hasn't. Full term babies do not sleep better than preemies, no matter what anyone tells you.

We have two appointments today. Not just one, which is hard enough for us to make, but TWO. So we'll see how our day goes. It stretches out before me, and lately I see my days for the choices that they are. Which direction my day goes is in my hands. What will I do with that power today? I hope I will wield it better than I have in days past. So today we have appointments. Tomorrow I will write about the past, so you all can catch up on our lives.


Becky said...

Sleep . . . Sam's sleep, my lack of sleep, it completely consumed my life for well, ever. It's a little better now, but we still co-sleep. Yea, I know. I'm thinking that maybe I'll worry about it when he's two . . .:)

Kelli said...

Well I plan on keeping Sienna in my bed until she doesn't fit anymore. Hehe. Don't tell Carl that! Seriously though, she is my last baby and I do not feel any need to give her up to her own bed. I couldn't do this with the twins and now I get to so I am relishing every minute of it! Well, other than the minutes that I am counting that I am NOT sleeping when I feel I should be.