Thursday, November 13, 2008

While I showered and dressed yesterday, the kids hung out in our bed and watched something on TV. They love cuddling in our bed, as you can see, and wanted their pictures taken. For some reason, when I take Caden's picture lately, he smiles so big his eyes are completely squinted shut in the picture. I don't know why, but it is hilarious to me. While I thought CeCe was also on my bed, I discovered her in the bathroom going through the drawers for treasures. She ended up smelling of Clinique Happy all day long. At least, some version of Clinique Happy, but since it's been in my possession for years now it doesn't smell quite right!

I am overloaded with school work right now. I have several papers to write as well as a few presentations to put together plus a ton of reading to catch up on. I've been sick all week, so I have had a hard time motivating myself. I am feeling a little better today, so hopefully I will make some progress on all of my projects.

I am not sure if I've shared with you yet about any of my Christmas projects, but for today I'll show you our Jesse Tree. Well, I'll show you the beginnings of a Jesse Tree. If you follow the links, you'll find some information on what it is. It is basically an advent tree, but it's a really fun way to do it. I am working on making a bunch of cute felt ornaments for ou
r tree. They're so fun and easy so far! The kids have really been into Bible stories lately, so I think this will be a fun way to show them what Christmas is really about. I know this isn't the best picture, but it does show a few of my favorite ornaments. The manger, the coat of many colors, the stump and the tent. I can't wait to find our trees this year, also, because the kids are super excited about Christmas. They don't remember it (at least, I don't think they do) from last year, so this is really fun this year for them to be excited about all the lights, and trees and decorations! 

Well, I'm off to read more "Lost in Translation". Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kelli! Sounds like you're keeping busy as always. I LOVE LOVE LOVE CeCe's hair!!! The kids are getting cuter every time I see them! Can't wait to see you at'll be home, right? We'll be there the whole week of Christmas. Miss you guys and I need to call you so we can catch up one of these days. :)
BTW - your ornaments are SPECTACULAR! Way to go Martha!:)

aola said...

Sorry you have been sick, hope you are feeling better soon. The kids have really grown since the last pictures I saw. Beautiful kids.

Sandra said...

I love your ornaments! That coat of many colors is so very cute!

We got the rompers in the mail yesterday! I LOVE THEM! I washed one and put him in it right away. It's adorable and it's the perfect size. He should be able to wear it for a few months easily! Thank you so much!

Kelli said...

Em- I am glad you like the ornaments! They are really fun to make. :) We totally need to catch up -- I miss you so much! I cannot wait to see you again!

Sandra - I am so glad you like the rompers! I am also actually surprised you have them already - after the order mix-up, I wasn't sure when you would ever get them. Yay!