Saturday, November 15, 2008

On Simplicity

The theme of my life lately is simplicity. Or, rather, the desired theme for my life is simplicity. Maybe it's more the focus. I'm not sure exactly, but that is what I want. Even in the midst of all of our busyness, I want a simple lifestyle. I want to enjoy and appreciate the little, unimportant things for the huge, special things that they are. This blog post is a really great sum of a simple life. I loved the way they wrote it all out. 

Tonight, I came home from work around midnight to find my husband and all three kids sprawled out in our bed, sound asleep. CeCe heard me come in and woke up, and then Carl quickly woke up as well. So, we sat on the bed and shared a little ice cream in bed while Caden and Avery slept soundly. I then snuggled down between CeCe and Carl and thought about how blessed I am. Soon, Caden and Avery woke, so we all snuggled for a while (there was a lot of giggling, too) while I thought more about how blessed I am. After a lot of snuggling (and even MORE giggling) we decided that they probably were not going to go back to sleep in our bed, so we transferred them to their own room. Which is why I am blogging at 2:00 am. I just read that post on simplicity and it reminded me yet again that the simplest things in life are almost ALWAYS the best! 

I hope you have a lovely, simple Saturday.

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Becky said...

so many things to say -- cece's hair is to die for . . . the pic you write of bed snuggling defines simplicity -- beautiful. cayden and avery are children, like school children. what happened to the babies rolling on the floor? and your blog is looking beautiful. oh, and more random, i'm glad school is going well and the paper went well -- it was really, really good.