Thursday, September 04, 2008

Life Update

Again, it's been a while since I've posted. I've been somewhat busy, but mostly just busy trying to use my time wisely. I've really been enjoying the kids lately, they're at such a fun age. Well, fun and trying at the same time!

I started school! I went to my instructional technology class last night, it went really well, and my instructor was great. She also happened to by married to my European Literature instructor, which was very convenient because I'm taking that class online and was having trouble signing in, as well as getting a hold of someone to help me with signing in. We got everything straightened out, I found out I had several assignments due by yesterday at midnight, so I stayed up late working on them and reading the first half of Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. The beginning was slightly boring, but I slowly became more interested in it the further I read. The book is about Siddhartha Guatama, the man who started the Buddhist religion. Surprisingly interesting to read about! There are so many amazing and valid points to Buddhism. It is such a peaceful religion. 

Anyway, I am super excited to be taking classes again! It feels so good to be working towards my goal of teaching someday. I'm still working a couple of nights a week doing inventory at the theatre, but since I'm only in class two nights a week (one of which is only an hour long) it's really not that bad of a schedule. I'm enjoying it so far. 

So. I've been spending loads of time working on some new goals. The first of which is menu planning. Each time Carl gets paid, every two weeks, I plan our menu for the next two weeks and buy groceries accordingly. I absolutely cannot BELIEVE how much money we are saving by knowing what I have on hand to cook, rather than running to the store to buy things for one or two meals. It's crazy; I used to spend at least 30 or 40 dollars every single time I went to the grocery store, and now I am spending around 160 dollars for a two week period. HUGE improvement! 

The second thing I've been working on is our budget. I've been budgeting for the last two years, but I haven't done it very well. I recently started using Pear Budget, and I really love it. It makes the whole things SO EASY! Plus, way more accurate. I'm hoping it will eliminate all the silly mistakes I'm constantly making. 

I've also been attempting to simplify our life. I'm working on cleaning out our house of clutter one room at a time. I finished the master bathroom on the weekend, even finished painting the walls I started 4 months ago! I love de-cluttering, it makes me feel like our house is clean and fresh feeling. I can't believe how much junk we've accumulated in only two years of marriage. It's ridiculous! I have boxes and boxes of stuff for the consignment shop and the thrift store. 

Lastly, I am working on further cleaning the plastic out of our house. I am going to order some of these mesh produce bags, and have been looking for more canvas grocery bags for shopping. I am going to work on buying glass containers to replace all of our rubbermaid storage containers, and am currently using old mason jars. I actually really love the way mason jars look! 

So, there you have it. An overview of what I've been up to lately. Now, I'm off to throw this chicken dish together for dinner so I don't have to worry about it later. Hopefully I'll have time to post again before too long!


Nancy said...

I envy you, you are just way too organized! I never can figure out where people find all these good websites but I am interested in the budget site and maybe I'll try the receipe.

Cara said...

I recommend you get the three Tighwad Gazette Books. They are so good for not only the hints/tips/tricks part to saving money but also just the whole mindset zen part of how and why to do it.

Amy Dacyzyn started the TG, which was a newsletter, and then made the 3 books from the best of. I absolutely love the books.

I am a huge fan of mason jars. I have them all over the place. for a while I collected the old blue ones too. They look good grouped together with salt and white candles in them.

Kristen said...

You sound so busy, but so happy. :) I second Cara's recommendation on the TG, btw.

Sandra said...

Congrats on starting school! You sound very busy!! It must be working for you. :)

I love mason jars! Aola drinks from them. :)

Kelli said...

I actually have the TG books, but should probably re-read them, since I don't remember ever getting much out of them. Thanks for reminding me!

I LOVE to drink from the smaller mason jars! I have always thought ice water tastes better from them. :)