Sunday, September 07, 2008

Awkward moment in TJ Maxx

Lately, when Avery gets hurt (or even when she isn't hurt... she tends to have a lot of fake owies) she instantly wants her "owie" to be kissed. She'll always say "Mama kiss it? Mama kiss it?" or "Mama kiss my eye (or ear or leg or foot)" and she will repeat it until the owie has been kissed. Even when she's actually been hurt, the tears dry up instantly with a kiss.

All of that was so that you would know a little background on Avery's owie problem lately. She has them around 5,000 times per day, and every single time she MUST HAVE A KISS. NOW. 

Today, we're in TJ Maxx. I have both girls in the double stroller, and we're perusing the kitchen area for some glass containers. Avery had been constantly fidgeting with the buckle that goes between her legs to keep her strapped in, and must have pulled kind of hard, because suddenly my daughter was screaming:


It was quite lovely. I tried to explain that it's not really okay for Mama to kiss her bottom, let alone for anyone to kiss her bottom, but I don't think she quite got it. I'm surprised child services didn't appear from somewhere to ask us a few questions after that one. 

I foresee many years of embarrassing situations ahead, and I think they're about to begin. 


Becky said...

funniest thing i've read all day. :)

Lacy said...

:) How cute! Sophie is the same way...I just got over a horrible mastitis infection and now Soph tells everyone "Mommy's 'bests' hurt..mommy cry!" That's nice...especially at church!

I can't wait to see you...less than two weeks!

Cara said...

lol that's priceless.

I remember a story told to me by a college person years ago. Her child was acting up in church, and despite everything had to be removed to the lobby for a little smack on the butt. However, as they were going out, the child yells to the congregation "DON'T LET HER BEAT ME!!!"

Sandra said...

Funny story!

When Erin was about two. She ran up and down the isle of the grocery store yelling "SHIT" over and over again while my sister and I chased her. It was hilarious!