Monday, August 18, 2008


We took the kids to the fair yesterday. It was somewhere around 100 degree by noon, and absolutely miserable. I hate when it's that hot. Well, unless I'm at the lake swimming. But we weren't at the lake, we were pushing three toddlers around a dusty fairground, swarming with people who clearly only come out once a year for the fair. We always see the strangest characters at the Kalispell fair. More belly shirts, old tattoos, and rotting teeth than I care to see in a lifetime. 

The kids did have a blast, though. Their favorite part seemed to be the animals. All Avery wanted to do was sit and look at the piggies, and Caden loved the chickens. Cece, of course, only wanted to play in the dirt. The girls wouldn't ride any rides, but Caden went around and around a little car ride, grinning the entire time, but then trowing a giant tantrum as soon as we said he'd had enough. He looked as if he was going to either throw up or fall asleep if he didn't stand on steady ground for a little bit! 

My parents took the twins home afterwards for a sleepover at their house, and Carl and I went home with only one child. A very sleepy child, I should add. I went to work, and after a nap, Carl and Cece went to see Wall-E. She sat with her blankey on his lap and ate popcorn and drank soda, happy as could be. She did surprisingly well, and when I came home around midnight, they were both sound asleep in the recliner. She didn't want to sleep in her bedroom without her brother and sister... so cute! 

I woke up this morning, shocked to look at the clock and discover it was 9:30. I haven't slept that late in AGES! It was more wonderful than I can describe. I got up, had my coffee, called to check and see how my other babies were doing, read some blogs, and realized that Cece still wasn't stirring. I became a little worried, so I went to check on her. She was still sound asleep in her bed, sucking her thumb with her little bum in the air. So as of right now, it's 11:17 and she is STILL IN BED. SLEEPING. I have had a wonderful sleep-in, and two hours of blissful child-free  blog reading. What a treat. I feel ready to really get some housework done! 

It's supposed to be hot again, 100 or so, and I am hoping we get to the lake later today to cool off. I can't believe August is over halfway gone already...


Karli said...

Hey Kelli,
Do you know if there are recycling stations where you can bring more of what won't go curbside? That's what I'm doing, because they only pick up the basics on the curb.

How did you manage to get rid of all the plastic toys? I wish the kids had more wooden toys. From now on, I'm going to make an effort to no longer buy plastic, but better quality, wooden toys.

Thanks for your comment!

Cara said...

Too hot for me!

Gimme Seattle anyday!

I'm glad you and the family had fun at the fair.

aola said...

100 degrees in Kalispell?? Wow! That is HOT for you guys!

One of my favorite memories of living in Montana was the county fair when we lived in Hamilton.