Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thank you, everyone, for the encouraging comments from my last post. Most of the time, I dont' even think about the kids delays/issues anymore, because they're very minor. But when we go somewhere around other kids, I usually notice it all over again and it triggers a lot of emotion. This could be part of why we do not go to play groups or play grounds. That, or the fact that it takes, like, an entire day's preparation to leave with all three kids if I'm alone!

We had such a great weekend! Our temperatures were in the 80's both Saturday and Sunday, and we were able to accomplish a lot. We got all the sod down on Friday evening, in only about an hour's time. Well, all the sod we've purchased so far. We only did about a third of the lawn to start with, because we have cut wood all over the rest of it that need split and stacked before we can lay sod there. But the part we finished look gorgeous, and it's so nice to have an area where I can take the kids outside!

On Saturday, Carl went to play frisbee golf with a friend early and I got the kids up and we went to a couple garage sales. I only found things at one of them, but it was a really great sale. There were a ton of sets of vintage Fisher Price toys, trucks, little men, a zoo with all the animals, houses with little people, etc. Each set was complete, with everything you would need to play with. I bought the kids the zoo and a few trucks for C, plus a car with a camper to pull behing. They are adorable, the kids I played with when I was little. Here's a picture of it. Cute, huh? The funniest part is that they LOVE it. All of it. They play with it better than any of their other toys, which really surprised me. Although, after looking at the prices for these things on eBay, I think I over payed. Oh well. I'll be watching for more of these types of things for them. I love that they have to pretend to play with them. Nothing makes noise or moves unless they do it, which is so great!
On Sunday, Carl went golfing with my dad and brother in the afternoon so my mom and sister Elyssa came over for the evening. We grilled salmon and I made a pot of risotto with parmesan (so SO good!) for dinner, which was a huge hit. My kids love fish, it's probably their favorite protein. They also love risotto, so they ate a ton. We did, too, which probably shouldn't have happened considering the calorie content of ristotto. I just didn't think about that-it's too good to ruin with those kids of thoughts! I'll post the recipe later- it was the easier risotto recipe I've ever found. Plus, I had all the ingredients on hand already, so that made it even more appealing to me.
Okay, off to get my kids up. They've slept in today, a rarity these days!


Kristen said...

What fun toys! I love garage sale finds like that.

cv said...

Yard sales are fantastic.

You all are in good shape, and are very active. Calories shouldn't cross your mind in my opinion. Goood food that tastes good is all that matters. Eat and enjoy life!

The best toys never ever go out of style. I remember playing with little people when they were little enough to stick up your nose!