Tuesday, May 06, 2008

May weekend

Very busy weekend! Lots of driving, not much sleep, but still-totally worth it. We had a really great time, the kids did the best they've ever done sleeping away from home, and it showed me it is possible for us to go to Oregon in July.

We put all three of them together in one room, each in a play yard, with their bedding from home and the same lullaby CD playing as the one at home. They slept really well both nights, and took pretty decent naps. This is a HUGE milestone for us, as we have had to go home from overnight stays in the past because they won't sleep!

I got up early, around 6:00 am Saturday morning, which is a time I never see the light of day. I just don't have a reason to be up that early. I slept really poorly the night before, so needless to say, I had quite the time getting myself out the door. I did manage to leave by 6:45, though, and headed on my way. Well, after a quick Starbucks stop.

The drive from Helena to Bozeman is so incredible. It was a gorgeous day, just me, my iPod, and the road. Although, after about an hour, I realized I was nearly to Virginia City on a road that was bumpy, curvy, and had absolutely no shoulder on it. I was supposed to be on the freeway, nearly to Bozeman by that point. So after a few phone calls to my mother-in-law, then Emily, then Carl, I turned around and headed back to the fork in the road where I went straight instead of turning. It was a little frustrating to be so late, plus to have to drive so far out of my way, but I was rockin out to Shakira right about that point so I wasn't too concerned!

We had breakfast at a darling little lesbian-owned cafe called the Nova in downtown Bozeman. I have to add the lesbian-owned part, because it seems to be an integral part of the restaurant for some reason. It was so cute, and had awesome food and coffee. It was so great to catch up with Em, and Jonathan even was able to stop by and chat with us for a bit. I don't think we've been able to even spend any time together like that since they got married, so it was really a great day. I stopped at Old Navy and Gap on the way out and found the kids a few things for summer, and a few really great clearance items for fall, too!

I wish I had some pictures to share with you, but of course I forgot to buy batteries for the camera. So I don't.

We also got to see Carl's good friend Sam, and his wife Emma. They had twin boys four months ago, so it was sort of like stepping back into the past. Two crying babies, new parents, the tiredness, frustration, joy. Good times! Although, I am very thankful to have survived and be on this side of them.

Okay, so that's our weekend. It was awesome, and I hope everyone else's was as well.

Who reading this uses an apple computer? Can anyone give me reasons to buy an air over just a macbook? I need some help with my research...


Becky said...

sounds like good times.
envious of your drive. looking forward to our upcoming drive to OK.
I use an old apple, emac. love apple, but no advice on the books besides the air is soo cool and i love the song on the commercial, but i suppose that's not a reason to buy a computer . . .

Kristen said...

Wow, sounds like a great weekend! Glad the kids were able to get some sleep, too--that's important!

McMom said...

Sound like you had a great time. I got out my map to track where you went. You did get off course- opps!
But been there, done that!!

Montana is soo beautiful!!

cv said...

I am a complete mac user. I personally would not buy a mac Air for a couple of reasons:

#1, you have to either download all of your new software online or buy an external CD drive to install software.

#2 Firstgen of anything, I'm always a little leery

#3 For the money, you can get a killer regular macbook. I'm a huge user of the DVD player on mine. also the CD reader for photos and music burning for iTunes.

Kelli said...

Beck- Yep, the cool commercials are pretty much why I was considering one!!

Cheri- I WAS way off course. I couldn't believe it. I mean, it's the middle of nowhere Montana. I only had ONE turn to make, and I miss it. Hmmm doesn't show much for my navigation skills, does it?!

Cara- That's exactly what I was wondering. So now my question is this: Is there anything extra/specific I'd want to look for in a macbook?? I am NOT good with computer things, but I've done a bunch of research and honestly can't believe the whole world doesn't use macs with all the benefits! But I'm still not sure which one to buy...