Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Former President Sighting

Yesterday's paper ran an article that said Bill Clinton would be here in Kalispell at 7:30 pm campaigning for Hillary. I ended up making the kids wear size 2 diapers (they barely covered their little bums!) until Carl brought a small package home, so I went to town last night alone to get some groceries, diapers, etc. I figured if I finished early enough, I'd run by the college, where he was supposed to be speaking, and have a listen. I also figured with only a day or so notice not many people would show up. As I drove up around 6:15, I saw a huge line leading to the field where he was supposed to speak. I decided to get in line anyway, seeing as how this is a totally rare opportunity to hear a former president speak, and in Kalispell of all places. We waited about 45 minutes in line, and then were able to go find a place to sit/stand while we waited for him to arrive. The above picture is a little bit of the crowd. There were almost 4,000 people. It was insane how crowded it was.
I ended up with a pretty great spot, only about 50 feet from where he would be speaking. It started to rain around 7:30, though, and I was completely unprepared. I had no coat, was wearing my Birkenstocks like usual, and no umbrella or anything. But I had already waited over an hour, so I wasn't about to leave. He didn't end up arriving until 8:30, by which time it was raining pretty steadily. They did open up an area right up front after he'd started speaking, though, so I stood about 15 feet from him. They used a huge Dodge truck for his platform, which was hilarious - how much more Montana can you get? It was nice, though, because it made him
easier to see.
The picture of him isn't the greatest, but it's the best I can do with the camera I have.
His speach was really good, actually, and I'm really glad I went to hear it. I don't really have a strong leaning towards any candidate right now, although if I had to choose someone immediately, I'd probably choose Hillary. I don't know enough about politics to even know if she still stands a chance, but I did enjoy listening to her husband last night. Sort of exciting! I've never seen a president in person.
Anyway, it was quite the big event for little Kalispell, Montana and I'm glad I went.


Becky said...

that is exciting.
the pickup things totally fits.

McMom said...

That is a big event for Kalispell.