Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Diaper Dillema

Last night, during Cece's bath, I ask Carl to get pajamas and diapers ready. Normally this is done beforehand, but last night being the disorderly evening it was, I was ready to take her out of her bath but didn't have anything to put on her. As I wrap her in her towel and carry her to the couch to snuggle while we wait, Carl comes back into the room and tosses a diaper and a pair of Cecce's jammies at me.

Me: Thanks.

Carl: Yep.

Me: Wait, can you grab diapers for C&A, too?

Carl: There aren't any more.

Me: What?

Carl: There aren't any more. That was the last one.

Me: WHAT??

Carl: There aren-


Carl: Nope.

Me: Hmmm...

So, we came to the conslusion that one of us needed to run down to the little grocery here and grab a small package to make it through the next few days. I buy giant boxes of diapers at Costco, but didn't plan on going to town until Wednesday or Thursday.

Well, would you know, as I got up this morning I remembered. We had no diapers. We had forgotten to go get them last night. I did discover three in the diaper bag, but that still means I will be making a trip somewhere with all three kids JUST TO GET DIAPERS. Does not make me happy. It completely makes sense to just go to Costco and pick up the other things we need from there as well, but I need time. I plan what I need to buy. If I just GO, I'll forget numerous things we need and still have to go later in the week. Sigh. Oh well, it's a gray, crappy day again so I guess it doesn't matter if we're in the car or in the house.

I'm off to fill sippy's with milk. Oh, the start of another day.


Kristen said...

I hate it when I'm trying to be good about gas and all that stuff and this happens to me! Probably happens to everyone, huh? Have a good day anyway, Kelli!

McMom said...

Opps! I have had the diaper fiasco too, it comes with mommyhood. I hate it when I carefully shop and come home and find I forgot something!! I am trying to be very careful with gas too and try to limit trips to town!

cv said...

One day, you'll buy your very last box of diapers. The sippy cups will all go in a box for someone else's kids or to a yard sale. The cribs and bath toys will be replaced by big beds and the minutiae of teenagers.

Still, running out of diapers sucks, and I wouldn't wanna go to Costco with 3 little ones. You have my sympathies, mother!

Kelli said...

It is frustrating, but more because I hate for my days to divert from my expectations for them. Although the gas issues are also a reason to not run to town at the last minute!

But, Cara is right. I try to remember that one day, I'm going to look back at these days and miss them despite the craziness!

aola said...

Kelli- if you don't mind me asking... what do you pay for a big box of diapers at Costco and how many is in it? We don't have a Costco but I was wondering if it would worth my driving to the nearest one to buy them for the new grand baby.

Kelli said...

Well, let's see. I buy size 4, so there are 200 in a box. They're 39.99 per box, about .19 each... I think. I am not actually sure just how much that saves, I think like
.03 per diaper from the Target price. But sometimes the regular store like Target/Wal Mart have sales that make them better priced or at least equal to Costco. I think it's a decent deal, but for me I prefer to just have a ton of them on hand since we go through them so quickly!

When is Christy due?

aola said...

I looked online at Costco and Sams Club. I decided the savings was enough to invest in a Sams membership.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

She is due Nov. 20

Becky said...

okay this was one of my nightmares when I was pregnant, and now i'm so relaxed about the diaper thing. weird how things change

Kelli said...

a- No problem! I'm glad my info was helpful. Are they going to find out what the baby is?

beck- Mine too!!! Funny how different you can be two years later, isn't it?