Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Okay, so once again my pictures look ridiculous because I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get them where I want them. So I guess this is going to have to be good enough. I may work on them a little more later... This is driving me nuts. So these pictures are pretty random, but all are from the last couple of months. Some are from the kids' birthday, a few are from a trip to Second Street Pizza in Whitefish, one of our favorite pizza places, and the rest are us at home. The picture of Avery sleeping on the couch is especially significant because our kids ONLY sleep in their own cribs. Well, Ave's has taken a liking to our bed, but they have never, ever fallen aslepp on the floor, the couch, in a chair, etc. I guess that show's how exhausted she was last Sunday!

Well, I hope you enjoy them. I am extremely frustrated at the layout of this post. I can't believe I cannot figure this thing out.

Oh, also, the one of Caden crying in the corner is what he looks like in timeout. I find it hilarious that all we do is stand him in a corner, and he is devasted to tears EVERY TIME! Crazy. Plus, he never leaves his corner until we tell him to! It works like a charm.


Becky said...

this made my entire morning. . .
love the ones of Carl and Caden and the one with Avery's finger at her mouth. Sienna is getting so big.

Kristen said...

Oh my, such fun pictures! Your kiddos are so beautiful, you know that?