Friday, March 28, 2008

I suck

The dog went back to the shelter. We tried, it didn't work. By the time she'd been here for a week, I actually had gotten used to her energy, being followed by clickety-clackety toenails all over my house, the hair that seemed to be popping up everywhere, her being on my bed and me not being able to stretch my legs out the entire night, etc. BUT, take notice of all caps there, she SNAPPED AT MY KIDS. TWICE. She seemed to have the idea that whatever she happened to take a liking to promptly became her possesion. Which meant that NO ONE should touch it, or even think about touching said possesion. Even if that was my son's five hundred dollar foot brace. Which now has dog teeth impressions in the toe. I cannot stand for my kids to be at risk of being bitten by a snarling dog, so she had to go. I know that we could have worked with her, I know it's really sucky to take a dog from the pound, only to take it right back. Trust me, I know. I cried all the way there, moped around the house the rest of the day riddled with guilt, and thought about it as I feel asleep.

But then I woke up. To a house with no dog. So, naturally, I did what I do best. I cleaned.


Becky said...

You don't suck.
Sally would be shipped off to never, never land if she snapped at Sam, and we have had her for six years.
I laughed at the not being able to stretch your legs comment. Sally does the same thing.
Thanks for the link!
I didn't even ask if I could link to you -- sorry:) Can I link to you? Since I did it a few months ago?

Kristen said...

I just left a long comment...let's try again. Sorry if it posts twice!

You definitely don't suck--I agree with Becky. A dog needs to be nice to the kiddos.

Of course you can link to me! I'm honored!

I'm going to have to check out BabyStyle more. And it's hard to believe you had TWO of these little ones inside you--I can hardly handle one! And they were so small when they came out! Wow!

Sandra said...

We had to do the same thing for a cat we had had for several years. She went crazy and attacked Erin. She hadn't shown any signs of not liking kids, and I'm sure it had something to do with the fact that Erin was trying to hold the new kitten she had just had the night before, but it didn't matter. I was heart broken to have to take her, but we couldn't have a cat like that in the house. If one of my dogs did that, I'd do the same, and I love my dogs like my kids.

Of course you can add me! I've been meaning to add you for a while.

Mel said...

Hey, we are clearly on the same page here with our fellow doggy be gone posts. Do you ever post pics of your kids? I know you American girls are way more private and security conscious than us naive South Africans. Would love to see these 3 little babies of yours.

Kelli said...

Mel- Actually, I love to post pics of the kids. I am just not very good about doing it! I frequently intend to, but rarely get around to doing it. We have some cousins in town for the weekend, so I'll probably take a few new pics and hopefully post them after they leave. :)