Monday, January 14, 2008

A little bit of everything

Friday is the day. We have an appointment set up with the Occupational Therapist that works in the same office as the kids' PT for Friday at 1:00. I am actually anticipating this evaluation. I need to know if there are things triggering my kids, or if he is just an abnormally terrible two. I think I would rather there be Sensory issues; that, at least, I can work with. A bratty two year old boy? I have yet to hear a cure for that.

I hate hospital food. I hate it so much, that when I was on bed rest, I didn't eat anything in the hospital but fruit plates and yogurt. My doctor was angry that I wouldn't eat other foods; eat it for the babies, they said. But when I tried, I puked it all up. So what good was eating it, if I couldn't keep in down?

Everyday, Carl brought me food from somewhere, anywhere, that wasn't the hospital. (This was before kids, so we actually had money for these things!) Sometimes lunch, always dinner, always something good and palatable. I put on more weight in two weeks of bed rest than in the previous two months of pregnancy. (Note: That is what eating out steadily will do for you.) My Mom told me to stop being so picky. Such a baby I was! Just suck it up and eat hospital food. But, luckily for me, I had this great new husband, and he was probably still wanting to impress me. So I was allowed whatever I wanted. I mention this simply because this was one of our first bonding times. Silly, I know, but it meant so much at the time:-)

I'm looking for a job. Part-time, nights and weekends, just for a little extra money. We are more strapped financially with the new house, so it would really help. Plus, we've decided that it would be good for me to get out and "socialize". (At least that's what I'm being told by my husband and mother.) I think they fear my becoming too "hermitish". Here I am, so proud of myself finally becoming all domesticated (is that a word?), and they're telling me to lose a little of that domesticity that I have worked so hard to achieve! I'm not really complaining, I am actually excited at the prospect of venturing out of the house for a few hours here and there to just be me. Not Mama, or Wife, just Kelli. I'm not sure I remember who I am, but it should be fun remembering.


Becky said...

Good luck job hunting!
It is nice to have a work identity.
Such a sweet story about Carl.
I wanted to tell you about Madi, my niece who was born three months early. She had major behavior problems from 1-3 years of age. She was kicked out of multiple daycares and needed lots and lots of attention. She's eight now and very well-behaved. She just kind of grew out of it. She does really well in school and is generally pleasant. All that is to say some preemies have a very unpleasant stage, but it does seem to be a stage.

Kelli said...

Actually, I have read several articles about preemies being naturally difficult. People think it could be b/c of their start in the NICU; going from a secure, dark womb to a place filled with smells, sounds, bright lights, loud beeping, doctors checking on you ever hour (or more), etc. C could definitely be diagnosed w/ SID, but it would be mild at best. He could also just be a difficult preemie. So whatever the therapists decide, in some ways it's just another label. I am hoping he grows out of whatever it is, and if someone can give me some ideas for dealing with the here and now, I'm all for it!

But thank you, for sharing about Madi. It's always so encouraging to hear about other preemies' stories. So many things that you have told me about Madi in the past have encouraged me SO MUCH! Your sister has to be so proud of her-I would be. I know I am of my two. They're amazing little people. So thanks: )

Sandra said...

An easy job that gets you out of the house a few hours a week could be nice. I'm sure that having that time to just be you again will be wonderful. Good luck with the job hunt.

Kelli said...

Thank you! I'm not sure how easy it will be to find a job with my limited hours that I'm available, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Becky said...

Happy early birthday to the twins!
Thinking of you at the appointment.