Friday, January 11, 2008

The last coupld of days have been hard with Caden. Well, yesterday mostly. Today was okay. We are waiting to have him evaluated by an occupational and speech therapist to find out if he has a sensory processing disorder. The Dr.'s in Missoula have been wondering, and I have been wondering, so we will hopefully soon find out. He just seems to have days/times when something sets him off, but we can't figure out what. On days like that, like yesterday, all he seems to do all day is scream, cry, yell, bite, slam himself on the floor, etc. I, in turn, cry and cry and cry some more. I don't know how to handle him; I either become really sad, depressed, or angry. I don't know if he just has major two year old behavioral issues, or something more, which means that I don't know how to take care of the issues. If there is something more going on, we need to know what and know how to solve it. So as it stands now, we are just waiting. I'm sure that no one needed that much info, but I have no one who understands any of this stuff with him, and I need an outlet where I can vent.

I am sick and tired of taking him to the children's room at church and having them tell me about his fits, him taking other kids' crayons, coloring on their pictures, as well as a multitude of other bad behaviors. I try to explain that he is not your average two year old, but that doesn't seem to matter to them. I guess that this means that if you are not an average two year old, you had better not attend their Sunday School thing. So until we figure things out, I don't really think that we are very welcome at church. I'm not so sure I want to be welcome in a place that won't even try to accomodate a little boy that needs a little extra help anyway.

Enough about that. We are so happy in our house! It's so nice to have our own space! We are all loving it. I am actually excited for spring, I can't wait to plant things, to have a yard. I'll post some pictures of the house after some of the boxes are gone.


Becky said...

Tertia at So Close -- a blog -- has a child with sensory disorder issues -- you might hop on over there to see if what you're experiencing matches.

Two year olds are rough on their best days, and I think boys can be harder than girls. It also might be an expression thing – he might be going to get a whole bunch of words, and in the meantime he’s really frustrated. Whatever it is, know that you’re a good mom and Caden’s a good kid.

Something funny. We have your family’s picture on the fridge. Everytime Sam sees it, he points at Caden and says, “boy.” For Sam, Caden, will always be the epitome of “boy.”

Kelli said...

I love that-"boy". Funny thing is, we call him that too! Boy, girl, and baby. Sometimes I'm not even sure why we gave them names!

I found this Tertia's facebook when I googled her, but is there another blog you mentioned?

Becky said...

Becky said...

look under the category for Adam and Kate

Lacy said...

Hey Kel!

I really enjoy reading your blog. I miss you so much!

I just wanted to suggest that you read 'Raising Your Spirited Child'. I just started it and it's helping me to see Sophie in a different light. If my mom hasn't told you (or your mom), Sophie can be very...intense. She does everything with passion and intensity. Which can be good, but it can be hard when that passion and intensity gets put into a tantrum or fit. Which is often. But I'm really trying to be positive and get some new tools in my 'mommy toolbox' to deal with it. Normal discipline techniques don't typically work on spirited children. The book assures me that spirited kids are normal..but more. More everything. It's all about learning their subtle signs--when they are tired, hungry, frustrated, etc.

If you do read it email me or call me and we can bounce ideas off each other. I need all the help I can get. Especially from a mom that knows what it's like. I'm praying for you and Caden...update me on hope the dr appointment goes ;)

Kelli said...

B- I read a whole ton of stuff on Tertia's blog (love it), plus it's been really helpful. Her Adam sounds SO similar to C!!! So thank you. I am thinking about sending her an e-mail to ask her a few questions.

L-The blog I mentioned above is written by a woman with twins, and her son has Sensory Integration Disorder, which is what we are thinking C might have. I JUST read her blog, and she mentions the same book! I just ordered it from Amazon. So I'll let you know what I think. Anything is worth a try.

How's the little man? Give Soph a kiss for me:)