Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sick x3

All three of my children are sick. Running noses, chest rattling coughs, scratchy little voices, and feverish faces are the sights and sounds of my days. They have been sick off and on for nearly a month now, and considering our no-health-insurance situation, we have been stubbornly refusing to take them to the doctor. As of yesterday, our stubborn resolve failed us, and we found ourselves at Urgent Care with all three whiny, tired, sick babies. We had Sienna looked at, since she is the baby, hoping that if she needed something they would give us a prescription for all three, trusting that we didn't want the extra penicillin to sell on the black market. So after waiting an hour and a half, which was the perfect amount of time for my twins to touch not only every dirty, germy toy in the place, but every single dirty, germy surface in the entire waiting room, we went into one of the exam rooms. Once there, we waited another 30 minutes, only to be told that our children are most likely fine, to keep an eye on them (which, by the way, I am very glad they told me-who knew two toddlers and an infant needed watching?!) and to come BACK IN if they got worse. Yeah, right.

On a brighter note, I must bring your attention to the fact that it is November 1st! Halloween is over, and now we can start thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas. Although I do not think that I will be able to do much this year (lack of funds and time prohibit it) I am still very optimistic concerning the holiday season in general. Caden and Avery are old enough to be excited when they see pretty lights, trees in houses, gorgeously wrapped gifts, etc. Not to mention enjoy the tasty treats we only allow ourselves these next couple of months! I cannot wait to share it all with them. Oh, and hopefully they will enjoy snow more than they did last year. Let's just say two babies who cannot even sit up yet, a sled, and 3 feet of snow are NOT a good combo. I am browsing ebay as I write this for snow gear. It's so cute when it's small!

One last thing-for any of you who are praying people, keep us in your's! The kids are all miserable, which in turn makes me miserable, and I have had a headache for more days that I can count for some unknown reason. I am anxious to kick this thing and get everyone back on their usual routine. Well, the weird day to day junk I call routine.

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