Thursday, February 12, 2009

What a week

I am slightly disturbed that I wrote "you" instead of "your" in the title of my last post. I am even more disturbed that I just LEFT it! That shows what kind of week it has been.

Last Friday, our little dog, Badger, got into a bag of trash and ate a chicken carcass. I googled it, and everything I found said to feed them bread so that it would pad their stomach in case he ate too many bones. So, we fed him bread, and just waited. Sunday night, he was trying to (sorry, I am not sure if it is inappropriate to write about my dogs bowels or not, so I am!) poop and couldn't. So I still waited, but he still didn't poop on Monday. So Tuesday, I called the vet and they told me to bring him in immediately. But before I continue this story, I have to back up a little.

Monday night, I was leaving work at around 1:00 AM, and the Suburban wouldn't start. Luckily, our projectionist was still there as well (usually I'm the only one there by that point) so he tried to help me with it. We couldn't get it started, so he gave me a ride home. By this time, it was around 2:00 AM, so thank goodness he lives in Lakeside (he is the only of my co-workers who lives here also). We live about a 30 minute drive from town, so I hated to have to make Carl come get me when he wakes up at 4:00 AM as it is. 

As I climbed into this guy's car, however, I thought maybe it wasn't the best decision to ride with him. He had about 5 HUGE daggers on his dashboard, as well as about 10 pair of black leather gloves. In addition to this, his car smelled to high heaven of incense and weed, and we listened to reggae very LOUDLY. Mind you, this guy is in his late thirties and one of the more responsible people I work with, so I felt totally fine about riding with him. I began to question my reasoning once I was in the car, though! We did make it home safely, so other than enduring one of the weirdest conversations of my life, I was fine.

So anyhow, the next morning, when I realized I needed to take Badger to the vet, I also realized I had no car. Since our vet is in Lakeside and Lakeside is about the size of half a city block, it wasn't that big of a deal to walk him down. My sister stayed with the kids, and he and I set off with him wrapped in his big, red, plaid, flannel blanket. We looked more that a little ridiculous and received quite a few odd stares, but made it with no major mishaps. 

So, our car was fixed by my friend's dad today, but when I drove the kids to play at JuJuBee's it wouldn't start when we left. So we sat in the car for two hours in the freezing cold while my brother tried to fix it (Carl is at state wrestling in Billings). 

So one new starter and LOTS of dog x-rays later, I am here, alone, on Thursday night listening to Iron and Wine and drinking my own glass of Cabernet. 

I am SO glad I do not work for a few days!


Nancy said...

Murphy's Law - If the husband is out of town, you will have some problem with the car, and, possibly, you will not be able to contact anyone who can help you immediately! But it is my experience that the good Lord knows your needs and responds even when you forgot to ask Him for help. And then when hubby gets home, you get to be smug and let tell him know how you handled everything by yourself! I hope the next few days go better.

Kristen said...

Oh my gosh, what a week!

I was thinking...starter or battery issue. Glad you got it all figured out. I trust your doggy is okay for the most part?

R said...

Ugh. And was there snow? Because snow makes everything harder. So sorry for the yuck, but love how funny and amusing you made it in writing. I can totally see you and the dog tramping through Lakeside:)
Oh and I love Iron and Wine -- do you have access to Itunes -- try Margo Wilson "Like This" -- Sam and I dance to that one.

aola said...

How is Badger??

Kristen said...

Miss you, Kelli!