Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Cheer

It is unbearably cold here right now. It was 21 below earlier, and I guess it is supposed to be something like 30 below tonight! I hate it when it is THIS cold, it is just too extreme. I was hoping Carl and I would be able to go skiing over my break from school, but if it doesn't warm up, I am not going. 

So, on the 8th, Carl and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary. We actually didn't do anything to celebrate, per se, because I had class. But, we were celebrating (inwardly!) because we have had a rather tumultuous three years and I am so proud that we are so happily married. 

I tried to go Christmas shopping today, but I was only able to buy a few things at small stores because all the stores up around Target were so packed I could not find a parking space anywhere! I decided nothing was worth fighting that mob of people and just came home. I am hoping I will be able to try again tomorrow or Monday night. I just have a few things left to buy, but I would like to finish before Christmas Eve! I suppose I deserve this for waiting so long. :) I am actually making a lot of our gifts homemade this year, such as earrings, necklaces, scarves and such. It has been really fun to hand make things for everybody. I hope that next year I am able to start sooner so that I can make more of my gifts hand made. 

Oh, that reminds me -- I was able to get this kitchen at Costco for only 99.00! I was so excited, because that was all I wanted to get the girls. I got Caden a train set, also at Costco, and both are made of wood and child safe. We are having a plastic-free Christmas, which I am so happy about! The kids are getting wooden magnets for the refrigerator (animals and the alphabet), a book each, and then a few stocking stuffers. Oh, also  Planet Earth on DVD, which I am sure they will love. If you haven't watched this series, you should check it out, because it is so awesome. Little Travelers is another video I would like to get them, but I am thinking we will wait for the twins' birthday, since it is in January. Each of these DVD's are great if you have young children; they are very educational, but also seem to capture and keep children's attention. I can't wait to watch Planet Earth with them!

I hope everyone is enjoying their final weekend before Christmas! Stay WARM!


Kristen said...

Nice work making all those Christmas gifts!

J and I love that little kitchen--we always think it's so cute when we pass it at Costco--maybe one day we'll get it for Alyssa.

We had another nasty storm and probably got about 10 inches. It is so weird! Everyone freaks out because we're not used to this at all, as you know.

aola said...

Okay, so I will STOP complaining about it being cold here... our low has been about 20 which sounds warm compared to what you are having. I remember when we lived in MT and I felt like I would never be warm again.

Karli said...

We love "The Little Travelers!" They just got back from Iran, and I love reading Angelina's blog (their Mom), and now the girls have a blog of their own, too!

McMom said...

We are getting more snow too and it was 17 degrees last night, but NOT as near as cold as you! We are getting more snow than the island is used to so a lot of things are closed including the Navy base. My family is having below zero temps in Spokane WA.

The kitchen looks awesome! I was bummed when Emily "out grew" her kitchen.

Sandra said...

Cold here too! It's 6 degrees which probably seems warm compared to your below zero temperatures.

I have made a lot of my gifts this year too. My favorites are two photo quilts I made for my grandma and stepmom. I still have to make one for my mom. I also made necklaces, bracelets, and a few purses. I'm with you on the starting earlier next year although I didn't really have any time to start earlier this year.

My niece has that kitchen set and loves it!

We love Planet Earth. My favorite has to be the on on Africa. When they show the dry land and then all of a sudden the water starts flowing and everything is covered in water. It's amazing!