Sunday, October 12, 2008

My husband is now 28

Today my husband turned 28 years old. I called him old man all day long. I went to Walgreens at 1:00 AM when I got of work last night (or should I say this morning) to buy him a birthday card, iTunes gift card and two Red Bulls. I was quite proud of my last minute gift purchasing, seeing as how he always wants to download more music onto his iPod Touch but whines about paying for it. He also loves loves LOVES energy drinks and is trying to not buy them as often because they are so expensive, so I thought I would buy him TWO so he has some for the weekend. He was very happy with his gifts, especially considering that I thought they were rather pathetic. 

Tonight, we went to Famous Dave's with my parents and brother for a yummy dinner and good drinks. It was so much fun! Then Carl and I walked around Target and TJ Maxx for a bit and then went to see Eagle Eye. It was such a good movie! I lovvvved it. What a fun night! I think I felt like it was MY birthday rather than his! 

Lately, Avery's new saying is "'Scuse me, Mommy!". I mad us some chicken, rice and vegetable soup for lunch today and while she was sitting at the table waiting for her soup she said "'Scuse me, Mommy. I need a spoon!" It was too cute. She also drank her soup rather than using the aforementioned spoon, which is weird, but that is exactly what I've come to expect from two year olds. They are just plain weird. But also so sweet and lovable and fun. I really love toddlers, even if they are frustrating little $%@# most of the time! 

I turned in my first paper for my English Composition class (thank you for the editing Becky and Em!) and I am very pleased with how it turned out. I just wrote it on the day the twins were born, but it's a pretty emotional story and I think it turned out well. I hope so at least. I have always thought that it could be neat to write a book on our NICU experiences and our preemie experiences, but am not sure that I'd have enough info to actually make it into a book. Plus, I'm not really all that confident in my writing abilities. At least, not yet. Maybe someday. 

Tomorrow we are going to try to make it to church (for the first time in MONTHS!) and I am looking forward to it. It is always nice to see everyone and the kids love going. We are also planning on going to some friends house afterwards or possibly for dinner, where we are going to meet their brand new adopted daughter from Africa. I believe she is three, and in her pictures she is beyond adorable, and I cannot wait to meet her. 

Have a good weekend everyone and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HONEY!


Sandra said...

All good things my dear, very good things.
David loves gifts that I think are pathetic. His most favorite gift are those big tubs of licorice. Men are just as weird as 2-year-olds.

Cara said...

Happy Birthday! Such Babies.....such babies.............

Kristen said...

Sounds like a fun birthday for both of you. :) I really enjoyed Eagle Eye also!