Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day at the park

I got a call this morning from my friend Angie saying that the groups of mom's she gets together with on Thursdays was going to go to the park today. She has invited me to come a couple of times before, but only starting about 6 or so weeks ago, and with Caden and his broken leg, I haven't wanted to try taking all three kids somewhere alone. So until today, I've declined the invitations. This last week, C is finally walking on that leg. Not very well, yet, but he's getting better. He at least is vertical most of the day, even if it's slow going. Since it is gorgeous out today and we still have no grass, thus making us unable to play outside, I decided that we would go. In record time (literally, the fastest we have EVER been ready to go somewhere) we were in the car and heading to Lawerence Park. I threw some clothes on all of us, made a couple almond-butter and honey sandwiches, cut up cheese sticks, and sliced apples (coated in cinnamon - the kids love them, plus they don't turn brown) and away we went. I even remembered a diaper bag, complete with sippy's full of juice. This is quite the amazing feat for me. I never do things last minute like that, and even more than that I never remember everything we'd need for a meal away from home. I am usually lazy and just buy lunch in town. But in light of my new frugal outlook on life, I've been packing us lunches whenever we're going to be in town.

Anway, we made it to the park, which was completely packed. There were several groups of mothers and children, a homeschool group, plus a class of second graders (I think). The kids had a blast, though, so it was totally worth it. We had no major mishaps, plus they even sat down to eat their lunches like good litle kids. Caden did nearly fall off the giant slide headfirst, whereupon we'd have been headed to the ER again, but somehow he righted himself and made it down safely. Backwards, but in one piece. I'm not sure I'd attempt it again alone, at least not without the help of another mom, but it was a good experience. Plus, I was able to meet a few new moms with kids close to my own kids' age, which is always fun.

Unfortunately, I didn't bring the camera. I should have, but I never remember it when I could take cute pictures of the kids. I suppose lunch was more important. Fun, chaotic day. All three kids are now sleeping, they were completely zonked after all that running around. It's, like, 75 degrees out so I'm going to go out and enjoy the warmth for a bit.


McMom said...

What fun!!!!

aola said...

I'm in awe of you. I only did park day once or twice and decided it just wasn't worth it.