Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend fun

I haven't been online all weekend, because our ethernet cord was chewed through. No, not by one of the kids! Although, that wouldn't be too shocking. By our new puppy, Brody. I have waited over a week to mention him, being too embarrassed by our last dog experience. We did find out, by the way, that the other dog, Zoe, got a very good home. So, we decided to give a younger one a try. He was 12 weeks when we brought him home, now almost 14. He wasn't house trainded at all, but he's already doing SO WELL! He is super SUPER mellow, calm, lets the kids do absolutely anything to him doesn't jump on me, has short hair, and is adorable. All in all, he has fit in very well with our crazy, rambunctious family. I actually like him! So, Carl is happy, we have a dog that will now be a permanant fixture around here and he is loving it. (He loves dogs and has wanted one for some time.)

Anyway, I did take a few pics of the kids, the dog, the car, etc. I put them on the computer, but still need to resize them. SO, tomorrow I will hopefully get that done and put a few on here.

We had a nice weekend. My friend Angie's mom threw her a surprise baby shower on Saturday afternoon, so I went and took Avery. We had lunch first, where I let her sit in a chair all by herself with no booster seat. You would have thought she'd died and gone to heaven. She loved our fun day together. We walked all over downtown Bigfork, threw rocks in the river off of the bridge, and then had punch and lime cheesecake at the shower. It was fun to catch up with a few other girls I don't get to see very often. Avery played with the toys they had, and had a blast. Fun day! On Sunday, I helped teach the 2-4 year olds in Sunday School for the first time. Wow, am I glad I don't have sextuplets or something like that. It was actually really fun, but I was still glad to come home to only three toddlers instead of the 15 or so we had in the class! My parents came over after church, and my dad and Carl cut up the trees we cut down when building for firewood. My dad also brought one of his new four-wheelers, so Carl and I went for a nice long ride together while my parents played with the kids. Lakeside is a very small town, but they're really starting to develop it up in the hills behind us, which makes me sad. There is a new subdivision that is connecting our road to the road Becky used to live on, which is several miles away. I can't believe how many houses are going in! This valley just never seems to stop growing.

Gonna get some sleep now, hopefully you'll see some pretty pictures sometimes tomorrow!


Becky said...

sounds like a great weekend.
I just found out that Ang and Tim are expecting another baby.
The road? really? that's quite a ways.
The dog sounds perfect. It's nice to grow up with a dog.

McMom said...

What a nice weekend! Looking forward to seeing the pictures!