Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Room Rearranging

I thought I'd post a picture of Carl and I, since I never have any of the two of us. We went to town for a little date on Sunday afternoon, did some grocery shopping and had lunch. It was really nice, seeing as how we never get to do this! Rearranging

No, the below picture is not an orphanage. We moved Cece into the twins' room this weekend, and their room isn't very big so this was the only way we could configure three cribs. They LOVE it. Cece hasn't been sleeping very well lately, so we thought we'd try putting her with Caden and Avery. She was previously by herself, by the way. She adjusted immediately, no more crying at night, no more fighting going to bed, and they don't care if there's one more in there! They basically only sleep in their room anyway, so I figured making it a little more cramped wouldn't hurt.

I also thought I'd include a picture of the chaos that is the new playroom. We had initially thought to make it a guest room so people wouldn't have to stay in the basement, but it just sort of evolved. Beautiful, isn't it? The good thing is, the kids are loving it, and although it's hard for me to leave it that way, it keeps toys out of the rest of the house. They spend most of their day back there! It's so cute to see them starting to play with each other instead of just alongside one another.


Becky said...

freaks me out how sam has some of the same toys.
you guys look great.
i often think if i could find a child for sam to sleep with our sleep problems would be solved, but no one wants to sell me one.

Kristen said...

Oh, I like your hair. You guys are a cute couple. :)

I think it's great that all the siblings like to be together!

aola said...

When we built an addition onto our house about twelve years ago we had to put all three kids in one small bedroom. We had one bunkbed for the boys and Em had a twin bed right beside the bunkbeds (I mean Right beside it)They loved it. After the new addition was finished they couldn't sleep apart for several years. Even tho they had their own rooms they all wound up in the big bedroom upstairs together.

Kelli said...

B- I'll send you one for a few weeks before you make your decision about which one to steal:)

K-I hate my hair right now, so thanks:) It's way too short for my liking, and I'm not very patient about the rate at which it's growing!

A- I grew up with only my brother, and despite the fact that we always had our own rooms, I slept in his room until I was 10 or 11. I love them being together, and they seem to love it too!