Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More prayer

I just thought that I would mention that we will find out my Mom's test results on Friday. She and my Dad have a meeting with her doctor, and they will go over the results. I tend to assume that that means that there is something to go over, because if the didn't find anything else, he wouldn't have to sit down with them, right? He could have just told them at the hospital... But, contrary to what I just said, I am not going to assume that. I am instead going to keep believing for the best, praying for complete healing, for clear test results. So I ask you to do the same!!! Oh, also, their appointment is at 11:30 a.m. MST.

Good news, though: she did get to come home today. So although it is more work for me, she is much more comfortable, and I would rather have more physical labor throughout the day than the added stress of having her at the hospital. It is hard for me to know that she is miserable, uncomfortable, and I cannot do anything about it. At least with her here I can cook her good meals, which is SO much better than that crappy hospital junk, and that makes me feel useful:)

I also should mention that Sienna is crawling now! Up on all fours, just cruising around the house. She even puts her legs out straight, with her little butt up in the air, like she wants to bear walk. It's so stinking cute! She has also continued to wake only one time at night consistently, which has helped me tremendously in the sleep department. Once I can handle; six times I cannot.

One last thing I'd like to bring up is the neat way that people have stepped up to support us so far through this. I am not really used to feeling like people know or care what is going on in our lives, particularly these last couple of years. So to have so many people praying, supporting, encouraging all of us is so special to me. Many friends that I have had no contact with for years have made an effort to let me know that they are praying for all of us, that if we need anything to just let them know, etc. It motivates me to step up to the plate when I feel the urge to help someone in a time of need. I tend to hold back at times, to second guess myself frequently, and now knowing how much it really means to me to simply have someone pray for us has been a good eye-opener. I hope that I can do this for others around me in the future.


Becky said...


Still in our thoughts and prayers.

weavers said...

hey kelli,
do you have any updates on your mom? we are praying daily for her and for stamina for your family as well. let us know if there's anything that we can specifically pray for.
em & jonathan

Becky said...


Still thinking of you. Thank you for your comments.