Wednesday, March 29, 2006

We are finally HOME!!! Caden and Avery in their very first bed outside of the hospital! Unfortunately, once we put them in the cradle, I realized that Avery's head was small enough to fit through the slats. SO, we are moving them to a cute little bassinet until they are old enough to be in their crib. It is so nice to be home! Quite the adjustment, but definitely worth it. It is finally real. It has been strange to have two babies for over two months that other people have been caring for! They both really like to be awake at night, so we aren't getting much sleep! Tommorrow is our first doctor's appointment here in Kalispell, and we are anxious to see how much weight they have gained over the past week. Also we should find out if Caden can come off of his oxygen. He is doing so well, and they both seem so much bigger already!

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Em Watters said...

What an answer to prayer! I am counting down the days till I can see the beautiful babies...hopefully April 28! :)